will reach

significant cost savings using Workwize



% Working Remotely


Total Employees


€ 216.240,00

FY2023 cost savings if using Workwize for employee onboarding

€ 97.381,80

FY2023 cost savings if using Workwize for employee offboarding

the business case

The Financial Burden of Inefficient IT Onboarding & Offboarding

In the modern age, remote work is more than just a trend – it's a necessity. But the onboarding and offboarding of remote employees comes with its fair share of challenges. Lost equipment, delivery delays, and the complexities of managing these processes can lead to unforeseen expenses and inefficiencies. This is where Workwize steps in.

Understanding the costs for 


Full-Time Employees


Yearly Onboardings


Yearly Offboardings


Inefficient IT and Peripherals Onboarding & Offboarding

Inefficient global operations reveals significant costs tied to the onboarding and offboarding process. Our calculations include:

  • Equipment Delays: Missed equipment on day 1 not only disrupts employee productivity but also incurs costs with expedited shipping or replacement.
  • Complex Procedures: Time spent on intricate onboarding and offboarding procedures is time taken away from core business tasks, affecting your bottom line.
  • No Equipment Repurposing: Equipment is lost or stored and never used, creating extra costs in un-utilized equipment.

€ 313.621,80

Total yearly cost savings if using Workwize

The solution

What is Workwize?

Workwize is a platform with which you can automate your remote onboarding and offboarding equipment process anywhere in the world. Your can ship, pickup and store IT, Peripherals and office equipment anywhere.

The age of remote work doesn’t mean an era of increased operational costs. You can not only optimize the remote onboarding and offboarding processes but also realize significant yearly savings.

Ready to supercharge your hybrid work facilitation?

Let's get your equipment fully circular and all in one place. Even when your employees aren’t.