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New Workwize Warehouse in India: Teams Can Now Deploy, Manage and Retrieve IT Assets Locally

India is a prime choice for firms seeking remote employees due to its skilled workforce, thriving startup and multinational corporation ecosystem, and infrastructure—including 5G internet and digital payment systems.

Microsoft's Annual Work Trend Index reveals that ‘74% of India's workforce is open to remote work options.'

If you are a company with employees working in India, you need to equip your employees with right assets, from day one.

Now there are two options:

  1. take the traditional route and ship laptops via courier services, where you pay heavy custom fees and your employees wait for weeks to get the IT equipment, or
  2. leverage platforms like Workwize which is an all-in-one global equipment platform that enables IT teams to procure IT and office equipment for remote employees across 100+ countries within days.

Why Use Workwize to Ship Laptops to India?

In this section, we take a look at 5 reasons why you should choose Workwize to ship laptops to India.


Let’s say you need to equip 50 employees in your India office with laptops. Workwize can help you or your employees buy or rent laptops directly from the platform—all enrolled with MDM. And that’s just not it.

Workwize also lets you buy or rent: 

  • Furniture and home working setups​

  • IT accessories and office supplies (e.g. phones, etc.)​

PS: Workwize helps you buy in bulk to benefit from more competitive pricing, and protect yourselves from manufacturer delays (esp. for BTO/CTO).​

CTA - Lepaya case study


When the employee is leaving, Workwize can help pick up and store items in warehouses, including checking and repackaging products.​

Reintegration of used equipment

This includes preparing the equipment for reuse. Workwize ensures that all returned IT hardware and office equipment are properly checked, cleaned, and sanitized.

It then reallocates the equipment by either preparing them for employees who need upgrades or new hires. This includes tracking products sent upon their arrival.​

Device configuration/wipe-up

This ensures that every device is customized to suit the company's needs and that sensitive information is wiped clean when an employee leaves. Every device is reset, updated, and prepared for its next user, ensuring that employees get ready-to-use equipment, eliminating the need for internal IT support.

Welcome packs

Workwize helps companies go the extra mile in making new employees feel welcome.

In addition to standard equipment, you can send your employees personalized welcome packs that highlight the company’s brand and values.

These can include personalized notes, company merch, and other goodies, all beautifully packaged and shipped directly to the employee's home.

Workwize manages the procurement, packaging, and shipment of these custom welcome packs, saving you time and resources while creating a memorable onboarding experience.

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Get Laptops Shipped to India, Within Days

Get MDM-enrolled laptops shipped to India with Workwize's zero-touch platfrom. 



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