From scale-ups to global corporates, the world's most forward-thinking companies use Workwize to power their remote teams.

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Simplify Your HR Workflow with Hassle Free Global On- and Offboardings

Make sure your new hires get equipped from day 1, regardless of their location in the world.

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Global teams rely on Workwize.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Do you struggle with:


Inefficient asset tracking

Confusion reigns without real-time updates regarding IT assets—leaving HR in the dark.


Limited remote support capabilities

Assisting remote employees effectively remains an uphill task, causing delays and frustration.


Cost inefficiencies

Dealing with soaring expenditures for IT asset maintenance stifles financial resources that could fuel other strategic HR initiatives.


Inadequate data analytics

The lack of insightful IT asset analytics hinders informed decision-making, reducing HR's strategic impact.


Shortcomings in sustainability efforts

Growing environmental concerns require sustainable disposal practices, yet HR often lacks the tools to ensure eco-compliance.


Weak onboarding experience

Maintaining consistent IT standards across a global workforce challenges HR, potentially leading to uneven service and support.

How Workwize Solves These Challenges

Workwize can help you effectively manage your IT deployment around the world and maximize IT asset value throughout their lifecycle.

Streamlined Vendor Coordination

Centralized management of ITAD vendors ensures secure and compliant disposal of assets across all locations.

Automated IT Asset Management

Tech-enabled solutions for tracking and managing IT assets, providing real-time visibility and control for HR teams.

Enhanced Data Security

Rigorous data destruction standards and protocols ensure complete erasure, coupled with certificates of destruction for verification.

Cost Reduction Initiatives

Significant savings through Workwize's resale program that evaluates and offers fair market value for used IT equipment, reducing e-waste.

Fast Employee Onboarding

Simplify the welcoming and integration of new staff with a system that provides quick access to necessary IT resources.

Proactive Remote Support Solutions

Empower HR to address technical issues regardless of employee location, ensuring higher productivity and minimal downtime.

Intelligent Analytics Integration

Harness the power of data analytics for better strategic decisions, allowing HR to be a proactive, rather than reactive, force within the company.

Pre-configured Assets

From MDM integration to configure to order models—Workwize provides your IT with plug-and-play capabilities to ensure immediate productivity upon receiving new hardware.

Delight your teams with custom swag

Effortlessly send high-quality, branded items directly to your team members' doorsteps.


Workwize made it possible to easily provide all our employees with everything they needed from day one.

Julius Weise Director at Welcome

A great benefit is the reuse our offboarded items, which saves CO2 as we don’t need to buy as much new equipment.

Pola Wycech Operations Lead at Lepaya

I’d recommend Workwize to any company that’s looking to quickly scale globally. Their solution provides you with a clear process for your equipment management.

Silvie Eussen IT Manager at Datasnipper

The moment I realized Workwize was worth it was when it was suddenly quiet. Workwize looked after all the stuff you don’t want to have to worry about.

Clara Mellink-Schipper Office Manager at Catawiki
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Why choose Workwize?

Who is Workwize for

Proven reputation

Workwize delivers globally, catering to businesses from startups to multinational enterprises. Whether you're a CTO or an intern, receive pre-configured IT assets directly to your doorstep.

Who is Workwize for

Global coverage

Our local warehouses can serve worldwide offboarding requests without the hassles of global logistics. Whether you want to procure IT assets or dispose of retired devices, we have you covered.

Who is Workwize for

Real-time tracking

Stay updated on every asset located anywhere within your organization, all in real-time, and bridge the distance created by geographical expansion.

Take the first step towards transforming your HR processes.

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