From scale-ups to global corporates, the world's most forward-thinking companies use Workwize to power their remote teams.

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Global IT Hardware Lifecycle Management.
Anytime, Anywhere.

Procure, deploy, manage, retrieve, and dispose of your IT assets with Workwize.
Reduce manual workload with automated workflows.



Begin your procurement journey with our intuitive self-service portal, optimized to simplify IT purchases. Constrained by budget? Not a problem, streamline spending by pre-setting budgets per department.

Customize your IT catalogue, tailoring specifically for each department to enable strategic purchases.

Leverage the role-based auto request/approval feature; claims workflow couldn't get any smoother or error-free.

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Initiate deployment seamlessly via Single Sign-On, automating onboarding sequences through zero-touch micro-management.

Flexible delivery options ensure stock reaches its destination—whether that's a company warehouse, remote office, or an employee's residence. 

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Easily manage all your company assets with a comprehensive tracking system.

Stay ISO compliant while having an eye on asset renewal schedules.

Optimize your resource usage and ensure no asset is wasted or left unattended, and keep everyone in sync with instant notifications on Email or Slack.

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Fast track the retrieval process with automatic offboarding, utilizing smart workflows - simply order a courier or deploy self-return boxes.

Repurpose IT equipment in a snap, systemizing distribute-and-reuse operations with utmost efficiency.

No hardware goes to waste under our comprehensive IT device lifecycle management. 

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Embrace environmental consciousness.

Our disposal strategy prioritizes sustainability, ensuring minimal e-waste and maximum utility from every IT asset in your organization.

Reduce, reuse and recycle - not just a slogan, but how Workwize operates. We're rewriting the narrative on IT lifecycle management, creating a path that integrates the tenets of sustainability within its core. 

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With ISO 27001 certification and strict adherence to GDPR guidelines, Workwize’s approach ensures uncompromising protection of your digital estate.

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Seamlessly marry Workwize with your existing systems, cutting down on manual administrative efforts.

Shift your focus from back-end operations to what truly matters: your business.

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Choose Workwize for your seamless IT procurement

Save time on contract negotiations due diligence, and vendor management.

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With Workwize

  • Global delivery within 5-7 days, using a local distribution network
  • Centralized logistics and asset management without the fuss of international shipping costs.
  • Send orders directly to warehouses, remote offices or employees: round the world to keep enough stock for future hires.

Without Workwize

  • Logistical hurdles–like international shipping regulations, customs issues, and lengthy timelines.
  • Managing multiple vendors across different territories entails a complex, time-consuming process.
  • Lack of desired customization and non-adherence to security standards.