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Unlock the Full Potential of Operations with Smart IT Asset Management

 Workwize helps operations teams navigate the universe of IT asset lifecycle management effortlessly, ensuring peak performance, security, and cost efficiency.

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Global teams rely on Workwize.
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Does This Sound Familiar?

Do you struggle with:

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The need to streamline asset allocation

Inefficient inventory management can lead to resource misallocation, causing project delays and increased costs.

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You're burdened with manual processes

Time-consuming manual tracking and updating of IT assets can lead to errors and decreased productivity.

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Visibility into asset utilization is murky

Without clear data, it's challenging to make informed decisions about asset refreshes or retirements, leading to potential overspending or underutilization.

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Managing asset lifecycles is overwhelming

Keeping up with the various stages of each asset's lifecycle requires significant effort and coordination, often resulting in inefficiencies.

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Vendor relationships are complex and time-consuming

Negotiating and maintaining multiple vendor relationships can be daunting and distract from core operational tasks.

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Environmental concerns are pressing

The growing need to adhere to sustainability standards means operations must effectively manage the end-of-life process for IT assets, which includes eco-friendly disposal and recycling.

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Downtime impacts productivity

Unplanned equipment downtime can have a significant negative impact on operations, leading to lost productivity and revenue.

How Workwize Solves These Challenges

Workwize's automation simplifies the entire lifecycle of IT equipment, from purchase to disposal, improving efficiency and accuracy. Integrate seamlessly with your HRIS system for transparency and reduced manual work.

Find and trace the location of all equipment

Track all provided remote equipment placed anywhere around the world.

Streamline on and off-boarding remote assets

Greatly improve the speed at which you can on and offboard equipment from your employees.

Minimize time until the right equipment is found

Pre-approve budgets and pre-approve items so that people get the equipment they want as fast as they need it.

Integrate your existing suppliers

Use a supplier from our partner network or easily integrate an existing supplier from our dashboard.

Automate inventory management

Streamline the process of tracking and managing IT assets with automated inventory systems, reducing the risk of human error.

Data-driven insights for better decision-making

Harness the power of analytics to gain actionable insights into asset performance and utilization, enabling smarter, more strategic decisions.

Enhanced vendor negotiations and management

Centralize vendor interactions to streamline processes, improve terms, and foster stronger partnerships.

Eco-friendly asset disposal

Ensure responsible dismantling and recycling of IT equipment, aligning with sustainability goals and regulations.

Optimize asset utilization

Achieve maximum efficiency by closely monitoring and managing how IT assets are used, thus avoiding unnecessary expenditures on underused resources.

Scalable solutions for growing businesses

Adapt to expanding operational needs with scalable asset management solutions that support business growth without adding undue complexity.


A great benefit is the reuse our offboarded items, which saves CO2 as we don’t need to buy as much new equipment.

Pola Wycech Operations Lead at Lepaya

I’d recommend Workwize to any company that’s looking to quickly scale globally. Their solution provides you with a clear process for your equipment management.

Silvie Eussen IT Manager at Datasnipper

The moment I realized Workwize was worth it was when it was suddenly quiet. Workwize looked after all the stuff you don’t want to have to worry about.

Clara Mellink-Schipper Office Manager at Catawiki

Workwize made it possible to easily provide all our employees with everything they needed from day one.

Julius Weise Director at Welcome
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Why choose Workwize?

Who is Workwize for

Proven reputation

Workwize delivers globally, catering to businesses from startups to multinational enterprises. Whether you're a CTO or an intern, receive pre-configured IT assets directly to your doorstep.

Who is Workwize for

Global coverage

Our local warehouses can serve worldwide offboarding requests without the hassles of global logistics. Whether you want to procure IT assets or dispose of retired devices, we have you covered.

Who is Workwize for

Real-time tracking

Stay updated on every asset located anywhere within your organization, all in real-time, and bridge the distance created by geographical expansion.

Are you ready to optimize your remote on-boarding and off-boarding processes?

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