Fully circular and all in one place.
Even when your employees aren’t.

Workwize simplifies the steps in procuring and facilitating all types of equipment. Whether that’s for the office or at home, our platform ensures your employees are set up, and your assets tracked.

Employees all over the world can order directly from the Workwize platform based on your specific parameters, so records are always accurate and centralized.

Fast and reliable procurement of
IT equipment

Our vast supplier network means sourcing issues are now a thing of the past. Implement your existing suppliers and fully customize your product catalogue. Workwize is flexible to your needs.

  1. Express delivered in 5-7 days max.
  2. Directly delivered to desired address, globally
  3. Integrate existing suppliers or surplus stock
  4. Competitive, B2B pricing
  5. Secure buffer stock in the office or safely in one of our warehouses

Streamline your Mobile Device Management enrollment

Laptops can be enrolled into your company's chosen MDM, so your employees have the right applications and security policies from day one.

  1. We can enroll devices to your Apple Business Manager (ABM), Windows Autopilot or other MDMs of your choice
  2. Globally available
  3. Can be included in our welcome package

Offboard & re-integrate
equipment in a matter of clicks

Remotely manage what happens with offboarded employees’ equipment. Workwize handles the pick up, storage, and re-integration. All IT equipment can be stored safely in our warehouses, ready for the next new hire.

  1. Complete remote management of leaving employees’ assets
  2. Devices can be wiped at the warehouse, so no more unneccessary expensive shipments back to the office

Complete overview of asset
location and invoicing

Connect to your HR system, and automatically onboard employees who just joined the company. Create unique onboarding experiences they will never forget by sending branded welcome packages.

  1. Manage teams of any size
  2. Engage your workforce anywhere in the world
  3. Provide only fully ergonomically certified equipment

Not just for the home office

Integrate with SSO and existing softwares

Security for your company data

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