From scale-ups to global corporates, the world's most forward-thinking companies use Workwize to power their remote teams.

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Efficient Disposal for Remote IT Assets

Dispose of your IT assets securely and responsibly across the globe with our modern ITAD services.

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Global teams rely on Workwize.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Workwize is great a fit for your global asset disposal needs if one of these challenges rings a bell.


You are dealing with different ITAD providers

Struggling to manage vendors across different regions can hamper productivity.


Overwhelming number of rules and regulations 

Navigating country-specific regulations on e-waste disposal and data security can be daunting, increasing your exposure to legal risks.

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Suppliers are falling short of promises

You're skeptical about vendors adhering to data wiping, recycling, or reselling standards, which could lead to the risk of data leaks and reputational damage.


Concerns about sustainable disposal

You're concerned about navigating green policies and legal environmental mandates while conscientiously disposing of assets.

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Global IT asset management is running rampant

Coordinating the collection, transportation, and decommissioning of assets from various locations presents significant challenges. 


Can't find a fair value for your disposed assets

It can be daunting to get a reasonable return on investment when planning to dispose of your IT assets.

How Workwize Solves These Challenges

Workwize's automation capabilities enable a hassle-free disposal of IT equipment - optimizing processes while preventing errors. Connect with the internal HRIS system to boost transparency and reduce manual labor.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Simplify global e-waste compliance with Workwize. We help you to navigate local and global regulations, ensuring seamless adherence to disposal laws and minimizing legal risks.

Erase All Sensitive Data—Securely and Completely

Our thorough sanitization process minimizes risks, ensuring compliance and peace of mind with a destruction certificate for secure data erasure.

Only Work With Trusted Vendors

We work with a large pool of certified, global ITAD vendors, and save noticeable time and energy spent on finding trustworthy suppliers.

Capitalize on Your IT Assets with Workwize

Repurpose old equipment with Workwize to unlock new revenue streams, get instant estimates, upgrade outdated products, and save on capital expenditure.


Workwize made it possible to easily provide all our employees with everything they needed from day one.

Julius Weise Director at Welcome

A great benefit is the reuse our offboarded items, which saves CO2 as we don’t need to buy as much new equipment.

Pola Wycech Operations Lead at Lepaya

I’d recommend Workwize to any company that’s looking to quickly scale globally. Their solution provides you with a clear process for your equipment management.

Silvie Eussen IT Manager at Datasnipper

The moment I realized Workwize was worth it was when it was suddenly quiet. Workwize looked after all the stuff you don’t want to have to worry about.

Clara Mellink-Schipper Office Manager at Catawiki
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Why choose Workwize?

Who is Workwize for

Certified data erasure

Leave no traces of sensitive information behind when disposing of old equipment.

Who is Workwize for

Global coverage

Our local warehouses can serve worldwide offboarding requests without the hassles of global logistics.

Who is Workwize for

Real-time tracking

Stay updated on every asset located anywhere within your organisation, all in real-time, and bridge the distance created by geographical expansion.

Whether it is secure data wiping, finding a use for discarded equipment, or disposing of IT equipment globally—Workwize has you covered.

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