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    20 Best IT Asset Disposal Companies for Global Teams

    Does your organization have rooms piling up with old, unused laptops, monitors, or peripherals? 

    Some might have reached the end of their lives, or you might want to sell them off for a fair value but don't know where to start.

    Enter IT asset disposal company. ITAD platforms help you dispose of end-of-life IT assets ethically and responsibly and ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

    This article discusses how to choose the right ITAD service provider for IT asset disposal. Let’s get to it!

    The Importance of Choosing the Right IT Asset Disposal Company

    A Reddit user, u/kuldan5853, argues that organizations should choose proper IT disposal practices with the right ITAD vendor.

    As you see, improper handling of your IT assets can attract so much legal trouble it’s best to trust experts to handle them for you when they become redundant.

    However, as reported by NCBI in an exciting study that looks at IT asset disposal practices during and after COVID-19, interviewed employees in the UK said that only 42% of disposed tech hardware went to a proper ITAD service provider. Others reported it was sold or simply thrown away, without even assuring if it was purged of data.

    This is a recipe for disaster, as laws like HIPAA require all personally identifiable information (PII) to be removed from devices during disposal.

    Moreover, simply throwing away devices is not an option—e-waste contains toxic components like lead, zinc, nickel, flame retardants, barium, or chromium.

    Discarding it in landfills affects groundwater, and it is thus a “time bomb” about to explode. This brings us to the importance of selecting the right ITAD vendor to dispose of your assets safely. Understand that by choosing the right ITAD service provider, you can:

    1. Ensure data privacy of all data on your EOL devices and its secure erasure to prevent data breaches of average costs up to $4.45 million in 2023
    2. Reduce environmental impacts of improperly discarded waste, only one-fourth of which was recycled in 2019
    3. Comply with all legal, data protection, environmental, and corporate laws and regulations to safeguard your organization's reputation and prevent hefty fines, for instance—up to €20 million or 4% of the company's annual global turnover under the GDPR
    4. Recover the best value for your assets, and have explicit tracking of assets for proper accountability

    1. Workwize

    Workwize is a zero-touch global equipment platform that enables IT teams to procure, deploy, manage, retrieve, and dispose of IT and office equipment for distributed teams.

    Workwize is a unified, zero-touch IT asset management platform that helps organizations worldwide dispose of their end-of-life IT assets with complete peace of mind.

    Relied on by global teams and names like, Embraer, Catawiki, and Molliem, Workwize eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and multiple contracts—access everything via a centralized platform.

    With Workwize, you’re assured of safe and legally compliant IT asset disposal.  

    Workwize also integrates seamlessly with Slack and HRIS platforms to make identifying, monitoring, and tracking your end-of-life assets easy.

    Workwize’s key strengths include:

    • Certified data erasure: Workwize offers you proof of data erasure post-disposal of your assets so that you never have to worry about submitting proof of compliance.
    • Global coverage: Workwize operates globally with a network of warehouses across the globe, saving you the trouble of transporting your assets.
    • Real-time tracking: Since Workwize excels in providing a global ITAM experience, you can track every asset across your organization in real time, anywhere in the world.
    • Reselling IT equipment: Workwize believes in providing you with fair value for your assets, and our local warehouses will evaluate disposed equipment and provide you with the fairest market value.
    • Disposal or recycling of assets: Workwize can dispose of all your end-of-life assets across the world and provide you with a certificate of destruction.
    • Eco-Friendly Disposal Processes: Systems or procedures that ensure the disposal process is environmentally friendly and adheres to green policies.

    In addition to ITAD services, Workwize also helps with:

    1. IT procurement
    2. Device deployment
    3. Asset management and
    4. Equipment retrieval

    Want to automate your entire IT equipment lifecycle? Book a demo to see how we can help you!

    Best for: Organizations with 200-5000 FTEs, especially remote-first teams

    2. DMD Systems IT Asset Disposal Service

    DMD Systems is an IT asset disposal service provider that provides a wide range of IT disposal services, from decommissioning to recycling.

    DMD offers flexible disposal services, including on-site data erasure. It is also certified in NAID AAA, R2v3, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

    In addition to adhering to environmental, social, and data protection laws, it sets up enterprise agreements to describe its processes, outcomes, and terms.

    Key strengths:

    • Ensures complete data erasure through software rewriting, shredding, and offsite and on-site data destruction.
    • Offers responsible logistics with GPS-enabled vehicles, safe packaging, and unique box collection programs.
    • Facilitates recycling, value recovery, and repurposing with a zero-landfill policy.

    Best for: Large-sized companies or enterprises

    3. Iron Mountain IT Asset Disposition Services

    Iron Mountain is a reputable IT asset disposition and remarketing company in India. It provides IT asset remarketing services, asset recycling, secure media destruction, and lease return services. Iron Mountain has 59 ITAD processing centers and offers services in 32 countries. It also maintains transparency, with extensive documentation readily available.

    Key strengths:

    • Shreds and degausses data-bearing media, both on organization premises or offsite.
    • Provides complete data center decommissioning services.
    • Destroys media and guarantees 100% sector-verified erasure.

    Best for: Globally accessible, secure IT asset disposition

    Global IT Hardware Lifecycle Management. Anytime, Anywhere.

    IT teams across the globe use Workwize to automate their IT hardware lifecycle.

    4. Ingram Micro IT Asset Disposition

    Ingram Micro provides enterprise-grade ITAD services, including on-site data destruction and e-waste recycling. With worldwide locations, Ingram Micro manages the entire chain of custody for secure and sustainable IT asset disposition. Their services include asset processing, technology trade-in, logistics, de-installation and asset removal, refurbishment and repair, and redeployment of assets.

    Key strengths:

    • Technicians perform onsite hardware de-installations and serialized audits in the office and the data center.
    • Enables the repurposing of equipment elsewhere in the organization.
    • Advanced asset intelligence system and comprehensive network of sales channels identify assets with resale potential.

    Best for: Medium to large-scale enterprises

    5. ITAMG IT Asset Disposition Services

    ITAMG has provided IT asset management since 1999 and is certified to Responsible Recycling (R2), R2v3, NAID AAA, and RIOS standards. ITAMG provides your organization with a definite, apparent return rate for your retired assets on a pricing schedule, project rate, or consignment contract. ITAMG also manages the logistics and transportation for retiring assets.

    Key strengths:

    • Provides quotes in just two days from request and services within ten business days of agreement
    • Collects and dismantles electronics in compliance with NIST 800-88, HIPAA, and other industry-specific data privacy standards
    • Plant-based or client-site hard drive shredding that is certified, insured, and guaranteed with detailed certificates of destruction

    Best for: Reputed ITAD services for businesses of all sizes

    6. Atlantix Global IT Asset Disposition Services

    Atlantix Global ITAD Services guarantees 100% data security and claims the highest RoI. It employs over 65 certified decommissioning experts to ensure smooth and secure decommissioning of data center hardware. Atlantix also manages a nationwide network of cargo vans, box trucks, and tractor-trailers for the industry's most affordable pickup and transportation services.

    Key strengths:

    • Transparent operations with 24x7 visibility, full accountability and tracking, and real-time access.
    • Handles IT equipment across all IT classes, including servers, networking equipment, storage, hard drives, laptops and desktops, IP phones, and more.
    • Partners with CXtec and equal2new for industry-leading remarketing and refurbishing.

    Best for: Small and medium-sized businesses looking for complete transparency in the ITAD process

    7. Apto Solutions IT Asset Disposition Services

    Apto Solutions offers dedicated ITAD services with some innovative additions. Its built-in Job Tracker integrates with existing systems, checks each job's performance and status, and allows access to data erasure evidence and SLA performance data. Apto has 23 years of experience in the ITAD domain, and its client base comprises OEMs, leasing, financial services, MSPs, and technology firms.

    Key strengths:

    • Shows current inventory details such as configurations, conditions, status, and FMV.
    • Hardware auctions with globally vetted bidders competing in real-time for your organization’s equipment.
    • Shows detailed data erasure evidence, including log files and shredded drive videos.

    Best for: Hardware bidding and detailed tracking of IT disposition processes

    8. Arrow

    Arrow Technology Lifecycle Management services include comprehensive technology lifecycle management services that provide robust solutions for value recovery, secure data removal, staging, integration, and advanced hardware replacement. Arrow helps maximize ROI and drive innovation by evaluating and redeploying retired assets worldwide.

    Key strengths:

    • Efficient capital use and innovation through asset buyback and redeployment.
    • Adherence to the highest security standards for data protection.
    • Expert pre-configuration and secure asset tagging services.

    Best for: Global teams with larger sets of hardware

    9. EcoReco Recycling IT Asset Disposition Services

    Ecoreco Recycling is an India-based ITAD provider that serves 120+ countries and processes waste generated from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

    It has disposal methods to sort, dismantle, and shred e-waste.

    Their recycling processes are ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, 45001, and R2v3 certified.

    Key strengths:

    • Ensures complete data destruction through Blancco, degaussing, or physical destruction of assets.
    • They claim to record video footage of the destruction process for complete transparency.
    • Provides a formal certificate of destruction.

    Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses, mainly based in India

    10. Edgeium IT Asset Disposition Services

    With Edgeium IT Asset disposition services, you simply pack all your assets in boxes and ship them to the Edgeium asset recovery center. Edgeium helps you get fair value for your assets and helps with recycling. They also provide flexible payment options, such as cash payments or credit on future purchases.

    Key strengths:

    • Offers flexible ways to get paid for your assets.
    • It provides a convenient way for smaller companies to dispose of their assets via drop and ship.
    • Edgeium also claims they cover all costs for freight and packaging costs for our ITAD services.

    Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses

    11. ERI IT Asset Disposition Services

    A Soc Type II Certified electronic recycling provider, ERI is a fully integrated ITAD provider in the United States. It assures 100% data destruction and maximum value recovery for your assets. ERI prides itself on its asset tracking prowess, which was developed by Optech, an industry-leading IT and electronic asset disposition portal that ensures complete transparency for your assets from collection to final disposal.

    Key strengths:

    • Complete ITAD servicing with 100% data erasure.
    • Compliant with AAA NAID, eStewards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, Soc 2, and more.
    • Wide range of services, including recycling, OEM compliance, data center services.

    Best for: Organizations of all sizes. ERI has helped federal agencies, state and local governments, OEMs, and SMEs

    12. GreenTek IT Asset Disposition

    GreenTek Solutions is a leading provider of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services in the USA, committed to reusing, refurbishing, repurposing, and recycling used IT equipment. Their services are R2v3 certified and ensure secure, efficient, and eco-friendly disposal of surplus IT assets, maximizing returns while minimizing risks. With comprehensive insurance coverage and industry expertise, they provide peace of mind through strict data erasure protocols, legal compliance, and environmentally responsible practices.

    Key strengths:

    • Receive a Certificate of Destruction to ensure complete data erasure and protection against data breaches.
    • R2v3 certification and pollution insurance guarantee eco-friendly and legally compliant disposal of IT assets.
    • ITAD buyback program helps recapture residual value from outdated equipment, turning potential waste into financial gain.

    Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses

    13. Attyah Recycling IT Asset Disposition Services

    Attyah Recycling provides comprehensive e-recycling and ITAD services in North America. They are well-versed in all kinds of logistics solutions, from white glove services to planning and freight. They work with more than 52 prominent electronics recyclers and wholesalers to fulfill logistic requirements like packing and palletizing, pickup, and delivering shipments. They have dedicated trucking, team drivers, and around-the-clock service.

    Key strengths:

    • Focus on maximizing value recovery from obsolete IT assets through refurbishment and remarketing.
    • Compliance with NIST, NSA, DOD, and HIPAA standards, ensuring complete data security and regulatory adherence.
    • Provides options for asset recovery, dedicated reverse logistics, and seamless product recovery.

    Best for: Small to mid-sized businesses looking for a comprehensive ITAD service in North America

    14. Cascade Asset Management IT Asset Disposition Services

    Cascade Asset Management is a family-run business that provides nationwide service in the US with facilities in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Florida. They provide ITAD services from start to finish with on-site de-installation, receiving and inventory, safe data destruction, quarantining devices to be unlocked later, ITAD processing (resale, recycle, redeploy, donate, returns and tolling), and providing you with milestone reports at every step of the way.

    Key strengths:

    • Detailed milestone reporting on preliminary on-site inventory, inventory receipt, certificate of destruction, and disposition reports.
    • Comprehensive asset tracking from on-site pickup to final disposition.
    • Reduction in logistics and processing costs by employing shared route transportation to pick up devices in one trip, reviewing third-party carriers, and applying custom services by charging you for only the services you need.

    Best for: Small to mid-sized businesses looking for custom ITAD services

    15. CentricsIT IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services

    CentricsIT provides secure sustainability through responsible ITAD with global delivery capabilities in over 90 countries. Their client service portal, CentricsIQ, enables real-time access to chain-of-custody, environmental impact, and value recovery revenue reporting. One of their primary objectives is sustainability by reducing e-waste through value recovery services with a $10 million inventory and a global purchasing network.

    Key strengths:

    • Get all the minute details and documentation regarding every inventory shift through the easy-to-access CentricsIQ portal
    • Single global provider system to simplify ITAD by making billing and logistics easier along with consistent service quality
    • Green It sourcing system that takes a sustainable approach by elongating hardware life and getting the most value out of your IT investments

    Best for: Multi-national mid to large-sized businesses requiring ITAD services on a global scale.

    16. CNE Direct IT Asset Disposition Services

    Illumynt (formerly CNE Direct) focuses on the sustainable reuse of technology to deliver lifecycle solutions that maximize security and value.

    Using machine learning and data analytics, they can provide predictive outcomes in recovering value. SaaS-based tracking gives you a single view of your entire technological ecosystem and gives you details on changes to your ITAD inventory.

    Their lifecycle management system also uses ML and business intelligence to optimize your technology life cycle for sustainability.

    Key strengths:

    • Uses machine learning and data analytics to optimize value recovery and prolong technology lifecycle
    • SaaS-based tracking system enables you to gain a bird’s eye view of your entire ITAD process from start to finish
    • Easy product returns and reverse logistics for hardware that is functional or requires minor maintenance with assured high-level data security.

    Best for: Small to midsize businesses looking to optimize lifecycle management with the use of ML and data analytics

    17. Curvature IT Asset Disposition Services

    Curvature provides ITAD services ranging from data center hardware storage, asset redeployment, and secure on-site or off-site data destruction to equipment recycling and hardware resale.

    They provide these services on a wide range of devices, including mainframes, large storage arrays, edge (routers, switches, servers, etc.), and end-user computing (EUC) devices (laptops, desktops, phones, etc.).

    Key strengths:

    • Provides a comprehensive suite of services that include decommissioning, data destruction, equipment recycling, and hardware resale
    • Handles a wide range of devices, from mainframes to end-user computing devices
    • Covers the entire process from de-installation to transportation and processing

    Best for: Small to mid-sized industries looking for a top-to-bottom ITAD process.

    18. Dynamic Lifecycle IT Asset Disposition Services

    Dynamic Life Cycle offers strategy customization to suit your needs in e-recycling solutions, data destruction, asset decommissioning, logistics, and account reporting—they complete custody of all your hardware during ITAD to ensure tight data security. You can visit the online customer portal that provides 24/7 account access, enabling you to track assets in real time, submit work orders, and stay updated on every step of your technology processing.

    Key strengths:

    • Great customization on various services and their combinations
    • A high level of security is ensured through complete custody of all hardware during the ITAD process
    • 24/7 real-time asset tracking through an online portal

    Best for: Mid to large-sized businesses looking for customized ITAD services

    19. Dell IT Asset Disposition Services (Legacy)

    Dell IT Asset Recovery and Disposition Services help businesses manage and dispose of their old IT equipment. They provide secure, environmentally compliant solutions for computers, servers, and other electronic devices. The services include data destruction, refurbishment, and recycling to minimize environmental impact.

    Key strengths:

    • Facilitates pickup of discarded IT assets from doorsteps
    • Enables the end-to-end disposition of decommissioned computing equipment
    • Significant and reliable geographic presence, with operations in over 30 European countries

    Best for: Companies with large stocks of decommissioned computers

    20. HPE FS IT Asset Disposition Services

    HPE FS IT Asset Disposition Services is a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

    It offers several industry-leading functionalities, such as HPE Accelerated Migration, asset upcycling services, and the option to buy pre-owned technology.

    HPE’s asset lifecycle solutions also enable the conversion of existing IT assets into an incremental budget source.

    Key strengths:

    • Reduces e-waste and holds the residual value of end-of-life assets with HPE Asset Upcycling
    • Provides complete visibility into end-to-end processes, with documented standards and validated chain of custody
    • Prioritizes reuse over recycling of IT assets for better management of multi-gen environment

    Best for: Small to medium-sized organizations

    Factors to Consider When Choosing an IT Asset Disposal Company

    Regulatory compliance and sustainability efforts

    The ITAD service provider you choose must assure compliance with local laws relating to data security (like the GDPR), environment, and corporate social responsibility.

    They must adhere to specific regulatory standards set by various accreditation bodies to dispose of assets with care, caution, and responsibility.

    Some certifications you should consider are R2 (Responsible Recycling), ISO 9001, or eStewards. Further, they must be able to offer proof of compliance with these standards.

    Suppose you are in more regulated sectors, such as healthcare or finance. In that case, you must ensure your ITAD provider complies with laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

    Environmental impact and circular economy principles

    A circular economy, a model of production and consumption, is concerned with minimal wastage and maximal circulation of existing materials within the economy.

    It stresses recycling, refurbishing, reusing, and maintaining existing products or materials so we do not generate continuous waste (something that happens in a linear economy) and allow more natural resources to renew and regenerate.

    When looking for ITAD providers, see if they provide services like recycling or refurbishing your end-of-life devices or components (post-data sanitization) to give them a second useful life.

    Only stuff beyond repair or reuse should end up in landfills.

    This is important as studies show that only about 17% of the total produced e-waste is formally recycled, and the vast remainder is burned, dumped, or flows around in the informal circuit, contributing to problems of wastage, pollution, and environmental damage.

    The right ITAD providers can securely erase data from older electronics, which can be sold to earn carbon credits, reused internally, or safely donated to organizations that do not require the most current or high-end technologies.

    Comprehensive tracking and reporting

    Make sure your ITAD provider ensures transparency at every stage of the asset disposal process. Knowing when and how your assets are handled, transported, and finally destroyed is essential. Ensure that your ITAD provider provides certificates of destruction for each asset so you have proof of secure disposal of your IT assets.

    Look for service providers that tag assets with unique identifiers, transport them in GPS-enabled vehicles, and provide features such as live tracking and real-time visibility of the disposal process.

    Responsible disposal and social responsibility

    According to WHO, lead, a highly toxic compound, is one of the most common substances released into the environment when e-waste is recycled, stored, or dumped through inferior methods—such as open burning.

    Moreover, improper e-waste disposal can particularly affect women and children working in the informal recycling sector.

    Look for ITAD service providers that are environmentally focused and do their bit to ensure responsible asset disposal.

    It’s a good sign if they measure (and are focused on minimizing) their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from processing and transporting end-of-life (EOL) assets, GHG emissions avoided through secure refurbishment and resale of assets, and the financial return on those assets.

    Moreover, ensure they provide transparent documentation and real-time reporting on how they deal with your assets.

    They must also provide you with a chain of custody and other documentation to pass audits for each piece of equipment.

    Thinking ITAD? Think Workwize.

    There you go—a list of the best IT asset disposal companies. If you are a global team of 200-5000 FTEs looking for an IT asset disposal platform that automates your global IT hardware lifecycle, Workwize is for you.

    Whether you're onboarding or offboarding employees–Workwize’s zero-touch platform gives you a centralized view of all your IT hardware.

    Want to procure, deploy, manage, retrieve, and dispose of your assets via a single platform without the hassle of juggling multiple vendors and tools? Request a Workwize Demo now!

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