From scale-ups to global corporates, the world's most forward-thinking companies use Workwize to power their remote teams.

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IT Hardware Management For Your Global Workforce

Deploy, manage and retrieve IT hardware for your distributed teams.
Fast, local deliveries across 100+ countries.

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How Does It Work?

One platform for IT teams to manage the entire lifecycle of global IT hardware.
Powered by automated workflows to reduce manual workload.

01. Procure

Buy or lease through our extensive network of global IT and office suppliers. Learn more

01. Procure

02. Deploy

Get pre-configured laptops with your MDM from local warehouses to any location within days. Learn more

2. Deploy

03. Manage

Manage replacements and repairs of IT assets easily within one centralized overview. Learn more

03. Manage

04. Retrieve

Retrieve and refresh used assets, then store them for quick redeployment from our local warehouses. Learn more

04. Retrieve

05. Dispose

End your IT lifecycle with certified and sustainable options to wipe, recycle, or resell assets. Learn more

05. Dispose

Save time and costs by automating on- and offboardings

The business case is clear: even with minimal monthly on- and offboardings, Workwize delivers a significant ROI.
  • From procurement to retrieval, create workflows to automate manual and time-consuming tasks.
  • Increase productivity with efficient, scheduled pick-ups upon offboarding.
  • Repurpose phased-out IT equipment or monetize through our marketplace.



ROI Workwize

Integrate with your most used IT tools

Integrate natively with your Active Directory, SCIM and HR System to automate provisioning of users. Use our Slack (or other tool) integration to get timely notifications.
  • Make use of the Workwize API to connect to any custom workflow you need.
  • Sync users with Active Directory, SCIM, or HR System.
  • Enroll all devices in Apple Business Manager or Windows Autopilot.

Workwize integrations

How Lepaya saves $44k per year with Workwize

Using Workwize introduced automation and centralization in global equipment provisioning and tracking.
  • This significantly reduced manual tasks amidst rapid growth.
  • A self-service portal for new hires to order essential equipment streamlined onboardings significantly.
  • Using workflow automations, Lepaya now saves 400 hours per year on offboardings.

and many more! (6)

You're in Great Company

“I’d recommend Workwize to any company that’s looking to quickly scale globally. Their solution provides you with a clear process for your equipment management.”

Silvie Eussen IT Manager @Datasnipper

"A great benefit is the reuse our offboarded items, which saves CO2 as we don’t need to buy as much new equipment."

Pola Wycech Operations Lead @Lepaya

“The moment I realized Workwize was worth it was when it was suddenly quiet. Workwize looked after all the stuff you don’t want to have to worry about.”

Clara Mellink-Schipper Office Manager @Catawiki

“Workwize made it possible to easily provide all our employees with everything they needed from day one.”

Julius Weise Director @Welcome


Quick insights on our operations and services offered.

Can Workwize support us with IT lifecycle services globally?

Workwize has global coverage with all their IT services in most countries in the world, we can share coverage of services through a call with one of our experts.

Can Workwize integrate with my existing assets as well as suppliers?

Yes, we can easily enroll your existing IT catalogue into our platform to get one centralized overview as well as work with your existing vendors. You can also ship existing stock to our local warehouses.

Can I deploy to just a part of my workforce?

Not a problem at all! Our pricing is based on a per user fee, allowing you to effortlessly deploy to any number of employees - whether it's a smaller team or a large workforce.

How do you handle repairs and replacements of IT hardware globally?

We offer repair services worldwide. When, for instance, a laptop needs to be repaired, we can express deliver a replacement laptop locally so that your workforce encounters minimal disruption.

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