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    How Lepaya saves $44k per year in IT hardware management with Workwize


    Founded in 2017 in Amsterdam, Lepaya is a learning & development company that offers a blend of online and offline learning methods, aiming to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction rates in organizations by offering the right training at the right time.

    As Lepaya went through its growth phase, the company encountered challenges with its manual processes, particularly in the realms of asset management and employee onboarding; this hindered its operational efficiency and the overall onboarding experience for its growing workforce.


    The exponential growth of Lepaya brought in a wave of new hires, alongside a natural turnover of existing employees. The then prevalent manual processes for asset management and onboarding became a bottleneck. The Office & People Operations Manager was burdened with the task of individually ordering necessary equipment for new hires without a standardized procedure. Furthermore, the lack of a precise tracking system for existing assets compounded the problem, making the onboarding of new employees, especially in locations outside the headquarters, a time-consuming and inconsistent process.

    Prior to Workwize,  rapid company growth led to a complicated, manual onboarding process, with no standardization or clear asset tracking, causing delays and inconsistent experiences for new hires.


    Workwize emerged as a game-changing solution to Lepaya’s challenges. The platform facilitated an automated, standardized approach to manage equipment provisioning and tracking, which was flexible enough to accommodate the diverse needs within Lepaya’s workforce.

    Workwize automated and standardized the equipment ordering process, significantly reducing time spent on these tasks, and allowed flexibility to cater to diverse workforce needs.

    New hires were introduced to a personalized Lepaya portal through Workwize, where they could order essential equipment and even set up home offices for remote work - a feature that was not available prior to the integration of Workwize. This automated solution not only streamlined the onboarding process but also aligned with Lepaya’s ethos of leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency.

    “With Workwize, the time spent on facilitating and managing equipment has drastically gone down... A great benefit is the reuse our offboarded items, which saves CO2 as we don’t need to buy as much new equipment.”

    — Pola Wycech, Operations Lead at Lepaya


    The implementation of Workwize drastically cut down the time and resources previously expended on manual onboarding processes. With a system in place for reusing offboarded items, the solution also underscored sustainability, a value that resonated well with Lepaya’s goals. Additionally, the platform enhanced the onboarding experience for both candidates and employees, echoing Lepaya’s commitment to providing a conducive and supportive environment for modern professionals.

    The individual employees, now unburdened from tedious manual tasks, could redirect their focus towards strategic projects, further advancing Lepaya’s mission of fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. The responsive and personalized support from the Workwize Customer Success Management (CSM) team was a cherry on top, ensuring that the platform continuously evolved to meet Lepaya’s unique needs, making Workwize a highly recommended asset management solution.

    “The platform of Workwize turned out to be the perfect solution for us. It helped us to implement an automated and standardized approach.”

    — Pola Wycech, Operations Lead at Lepaya



    Average order time saved in hours per year


    Average offboarding time saved in hours per year


    Average cost savings through automations per year







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