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11 Slack Integrations to Track IT Equipment


Procuring IT equipment involves a lot. From negotiating pricing to checking compatibility, these tasks can quickly become overwhelming. Thankfully, Slack provides numerous integrations that can simplify these processes.

Integrating your procurement systems and databases with Slack allows for real-time IT inventory notifications, enables task automation, reduces context switching and improves team communication. 

This not only saves valuable time but can also help prevent costly mistakes. Let's dive into 11 of the most effective Slack integrations to track and manage your IT equipment.

Table of Contents

  • 11 Slack Integrations to Track IT Equipment

Quick Read

  • The Best Slack interactions for tracking IT equipment include Workwize Slack integration, Cheqroom, EZOfficeInventory, Zoho Inventory, Cartegraph Asset Management, UpKeep, FMX, JIRA Service Management, Quickbase, eMaint CMMS, and Vendr. 
  • Choosing the right integration to track your IT equipment depends on your organization's specific needs, existing systems and workflows, and the type of equipment you manage. For  example, if you need to track laptops and IT peripherals for your remote teams, Workwize is worth considering. And if you need to track gear like cables, lights, and cameras, CheqRoom can meet your needs. 
  • Workwize is a global IT equipment management platform for distributed teams in 100+ countries. From procuring IT hardware to disposal—Workwize has you covered. Book a demo today!

11 Slack Integrations to Track IT Equipment


Workwize is a comprehensive IT equipment solution for distributed teams that offers equipment procurement, tracking, deployment, management, retrieval, and disposal.

It integrates seamlessly with Slack, enabling real-time notifications and updates about your IT inventory.

Whether you're managing laptops and IT peripherals for teams across multiple continents or just across the city, Workwize provides insightful data and user-friendly interfaces.

Below are the types of notifications that both employers and employees receive. 

Further, it contributes to a streamlined workflow by automating routine tasks and significantly minimizing the chances of procurement errors. Integrating Workwize with Slack just takes 2 minutes. 


CheqRoom is another powerful Slack integration designed specifically for managing and tracking equipment like cameras, lights, and cables. It allows for real-time updates on inventory status directly in your Slack channels. 

CheqRoom can also automate reminders for equipment return dates, reducing the chances of losing or misplacing gear. 

Easy to set up, this tool makes equipment tracking hassle-free, thereby increasing your team's efficiency and productivity.


EZOfficeInventory is a robust asset-tracking solution that integrates with Slack. It helps manage and track various types of IT equipment efficiently, from computers to software licenses. 

Real-time notifications about checkout, return, maintenance, and more are pushed to dedicated Slack channels. 

Additionally, EZOfficeInventory facilitates report generation and audit trails to ensure transparency.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory delivers effective IT equipment management. Its Slack integration elevates your team's capability to stay updated on stock levels, sales orders, and shipments. As a result, you could handle inventory workflows right from your Slack channel. 

Plus, it's capable of managing orders and tracking inventory across multiple channels. 

Zoho Inventory offers vital information at your fingertips, boosting transparency and reducing potential errors, which ultimately leads to better productivity and efficient management of IT assets.

Cartegraph Asset Management

Cartegraph is another remarkable Slack integration that simplifies IT asset management for state and local governments. It offers detailed tracking of IT assets, maintenance schedules, repair history, and more right on the Slack platform. 

This integration allows teams to stay updated on asset performance and take timely action on maintenance needs, reducing equipment downtime. 

Cartegraph also supports asset geolocation tagging, enabling pinpoint tracking, which is especially useful for larger organizations with campuses or multiple sites. Lastly, its strong analytics capacity helps make data-driven decisions.


UpKeep is maintenance and asset management software for manufacturing industries. Its Slack integration facilitates the tracking, scheduling, and management of maintenance activities for IT equipment. 

You can receive instant notifications for work order updates and reminders in your Slack channels. UpKeep's capabilities not only streamline the management process but also help increase the longevity of your IT assets. 

Furthermore, it provides insightful analysis of maintenance costs, work order completion times, and other factors, aiding in your organization's strategic decision-making.


FMX is a facility management Slack integration that efficiently tracks IT equipment. It is ideal for organizations working in the education and government sectors. 

With its seamless integration into Slack, it provides real-time updates regarding the status, maintenance, and repair needs of your IT assets. FMX enables you to manage work orders, schedule preventive maintenance, and record all asset-related activities in one platform. 

It also supports barcode scanning of IT equipment for precise tracking. Regular reports and analytics from FMX aid in informed decision-making, enhancing organizational productivity and efficiency.

Jira Service Management 

JIRA Service Management (by Atlassian) is heavily used in the IT industry for issue tracking and project management. 

Teams can track IT equipment, manage incidents, and receive real-time notifications about system updates—all within Slack channels. This tool is especially useful for software and hardware asset management. 

It provides reports for informed decisions and ensures smooth workflows, ultimately reducing downtime and enhancing the efficiency and productivity of IT departments.


Quickbase is a customizable platform facilitating smooth IT equipment tracking. Its integration with Slack allows for real-time updates on inventory changes, maintenance schedules, and other important notifications. 

Quickbase's flexible architecture allows teams to personalize the workflow according to their specific needs. Additionally, it supports detailed reports for assets and their lifecycle, a critical feature for organizations looking to maximize the utility of their IT assets.

Through effective equipment monitoring, Quickbase contributes to minimizing equipment downtime and enhancing your team's productivity.

eMaint CMMS

eMaint CMMS is an end-to-end asset management tool that can be integrated with Slack for real-time inventory updates. Its features include work order management, predictive maintenance scheduling, and detailed analytics for informed decision-making. This tool also supports barcode scanning, providing precise asset tracking.



Vendr is a powerful IT procurement platform that seamlessly integrates with Slack. It simplifies the purchasing process for IT equipment by automating workflows, managing vendor relationships, and providing real-time spend visibility.

With Vendr's Slack integration, your team can efficiently collaborate on procurement tasks, receive instant notifications about purchase requests and approvals, and access critical data insights—all within Slack.

This integration not only streamlines the procurement process but also ensures compliance with organizational policies.


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