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    From Home Office to Office: Keeping an overview

    After a day of working from home, one of your colleagues hauls a monitor into the office. After one and a half years you can finally see your colleagues in the office again! Once you arrive at your desk you discover that there are still some desk chairs missing in all departments. And the mouse and keyboard have also disappeared from your spot. Just like you. In this blog, we take you through the ins and outs of your remote office management for how to create an overview therein.

    The challenges of hybrid working

    No office chair, no problem, you might think. Your company can easily order another one for the office. That way you'll have enough for the coming period. But that doesn't solve the problem. Chances are that your company has introduced hybrid working. This means that your employees will continue to work partly at home and will therefore also need a fully equipped workstation. If the company facilitates an office chair for everyone via both office and webshops, that will cost a lot of time and the overview will soon be lost. And even if you make an inventory of what exactly is where that information will be out of date in no time. And what a positive effect on the environment and if someone leaves the company? Do they buy off the residual value of that expensive chair or does it go back to the office? In short, there are many problems involved in setting up a home office.

    How do companies deal with this?

    There are various ways in which companies try to deal with these problems, such as keeping long Excel spreadsheets and paper lists. However, this is not a sustainable solution, so it is time for a future-proof alternative.

    The fact is that after the pandemic many companies started to implement hybrid working. Most employees are only too happy with this. More and more organizations are going public with this. FrieslandCampina and Apple are good examples of this and have both decided to facilitate hybrid working. In addition to a new policy, various processes need to be established for this. For example, several companies decide to have their employees come into the office on certain fixed days. In this way, no one is left out, but employees are less free.

    There are also plenty of organizations that do allow their employees to be free in this regard. The advantage of this distribution is that traffic jams are a thing of the past. This has a positive effect on the environment, and also on the mental well-being of your employees (read: no road rage). But this approach also has drawbacks. For example, you don't want certain employees to constantly fall by the wayside. If you are still searching for the best approach for your company, read our blog on a strategic home working policy!

    Overcoming the asset chaos

    In short, there is a lot involved in hybrid working. That's why we at Workwize facilitate your remote office management and all the necessities for the ultimate home office, because there's nothing better than creating an overview now that the time of hybrid working has truly arrived. Workwize is an expert in facilitating hybrid working and we place all workplaces under one roof via our software. Thanks to our platform, you have insight into the products and services you have lent through the office. In addition, your employees will be able to order all the supplies they need for their home workplace with just a few clicks. So, you do not only know where all assets are, but you also see who has to return what.

    Curious about what we can do for your company? Then get in touch with us today. Or download our whitepaper and discover how we facilitate hybrid working.

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