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    Why Companies That Aren’t Embracing Remote Work are at Risk of Falling Behind

    Organizations are at the frontline of a transitional shift when it comes to flexible work arrangements. The notion of “returning to normal” is struggling to stand at these modernized workplaces due to evolving employee expectations as well as the vast benefits companies are experiencing.

    The benefits of remote working‍

    It’s clear why remote work is such a hot topic right now. With work (and life) seemingly returning to “pre-pandemic normality” companies are tossing up whether they should return to full-time office attendance. This is because remote work has proven to better employees’ work-life balance, reduce stress and increase productivity levels.

    Not only this, but companies are also reaping the benefits. When done well, organizations have seen increased employee retention and reduced turnover, improved productivity and efficiency, a larger and more diverse candidate pool, reduced operational and real estate costs and a reduced environmental impact.

    Remote work does not necessarily mean getting rid of the office‍

    Introducing remote working doesn’t mean the office has to be removed altogether. Many companies are instead choosing to adopt a more hybrid model. For example, some organizations are taking advantage of the rental savings from down-sizing yet maintaining an active work culture. This is achieved by closing multiple locations and creating one main “hub” which enables employees to maintain a sense of connection with their colleagues and company.

    A company that is flexible, attracts the best talent

    Companies that offer remote and hybrid working helps in both recruiting and retaining a valuable workforce. This is highly important in an increasingly competitive job market. In fact, this desire for flexibility is more widespread than you might think. A survey conducted by Ernst & Young found that almost 90% of workers in the United States would like to work remotely at least part of the time. This trend is also visible in Europe and the UK.

    This has positive implications for companies too. The removal of geographical barriers previously imposed, has now created a larger pool of talent to hire from. Meaning, companies can hire who is best suited to the job, irrespective of location.

    Future-led companies are realizing the competitive advantages and enhanced culture flexible work has generated. For those who do not allow their employees to work remotely, or even hybrid, are at risk of losing out on countless opportunities.

    Choose smart, choose Workwize. ‍

    When employees work remotely, it is critical to provide them with the right remote office equipment. Workwize can help with making the inspring transition towards hybrid work. Our software allows employees to be set up with all the right office equipment from day one. This way, employees won’t only be able to rapidly increase their productivity, but also create a fully ergonomic home office environment. We also offer onboarding packages for new employees, so that they can hit the ground running on their first day and feel instantly connected with the company.

    Interested to know more about our platform and what it can do for your company? Book a free demo today!



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