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Workwize Launches Automation Platform for IT Teams To Equip Global Workforce And Reduce Manual Workload by >40%

AMSTERDAM, 12 March 2024—Workwize, an award-winning enabler of global work, announced the release of its next generation IT hardware asset management platform today. Using the Workwize solution IT teams can now deploy, manage and retrieve IT hardware for their global workforce more efficiently using zero-touch IT management and save more than 40% of time by automating manual tasks.

The adoption of a remote and global workforce has greatly benefited companies in tapping into a wider talent pool but has introduced logistical challenges for IT teams. Workwize CEO Michiel Meyer comments, "The complexities lie in managing different vendors, navigating local shipping and tax regulations, and handling assets in the field, not to mention the efficiency needed to reclaim and repurpose or dispose of assets upon offboarding."

In addition, studies have shown that many managers spend 40% of their weekly time on repetitive administrative tasks that are prime for automation. "For IT managers, the manual tasks required to onboard and offboard employees are substantial—from the numerous emails, spreadsheets, vendors and manual system synchronizations needed to align new hires within an organization”, comments Sebastiaan Scholten, CTO at Workwize.

With its new platform, Workwize manages these logistical complexities and reduces workload substantially by automating many repetitive tasks through workflows. "We have unified suppliers worldwide on the Workwize dashboard, where IT teams can easily meet their global workforce's local needs and have them delivered within days," adds Scholten. "Combined with local warehousing and zero-touch IT management, we significantly reduce the manual workload for IT teams."

The Workwize platform consists of five main features:

  1. Procurement: Buy or rent via hundreds of global IT and office suppliers' networks.
  2. Deployment: Ship pre-configured laptops from local warehouses.
  3. Management: Manage repairs and replacements within a centralized system.
  4. Retrieval: Retrieve and refresh used assets, storing them for quick redeployment.
  5. Disposal: Conclude the IT lifecycle with options to wipe, recycle, or resell assets.

To highlight the product launch, Workwize has also introduced a refreshed brand and website today. "Our renewed mission is to empower a truly global workforce through zero-touch IT management," concludes Meyer. "Our new platform and brand are both built around this promise."

Visit the new Workwize website to learn more. 

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