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How Studocu made 31% in cost-savings by automating their remote equipment management

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Meet Studocu

Studocu is an online platform where students can share study resources and answer each other's study-related questions. Their mission is to empower everyone to excel at their studies by providing the best tools to study more efficiently. Currently they have more than 30 million Monthly Active Users from all over the world and are growing rapidly.

Now Studocu has 110 employees and expects to grow in workforce to 170employees by the end of the year. Their employees work hybrid. Everyone is free to work from home if they feel this is more productive.On average, they are in the office three times a week.

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The challenge

Studocu was looking for a way to automate their onboarding processes in keeping with their rapid company growth. They also sought a means to recirculate equipment they already had in their office in a streamlined manner.

The company has an allocated budget for all employees to spend on their home office equipment. However, they did not have a streamlined way of tracking their stock or a single means to facilitate the end-to-end setup of their employees’ home workspaces. This created countless administration hours for the HR department who were having to manually source andorder all requested products from various suppliers, manage employee support enquiries, keep track of who has what, as well as manage numerous and disparate invoices.

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Uniquely engineer dynamic methods of empowerment through.

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Uniquely engineer dynamic methods of empowerment through.

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The solution

Studocu implemented Workwize in February 2022 as an all-in-one solution for equipping all their employees’ home offices in a scalable and streamlined manner.

One-stop-shop for all remote equipment

Workwize was used to alleviate the administrative burden HR was experiencing in manually equipping employees’ remote workspaces. The platform was setup in collaboration with Studocu to curate their desired product catalogue, whilst ensuring the look and feel of the Workwize platform was completely bespoke totheir brand.

Work wize was then leveraged to facilitate the office equipment for new joiners, using both existing stock and external products. Equipment that had already been provided to existing employees as well as any surplus of products in the office were also accounted for to ensure a full asset overview.

The onboarding of equipment is completely handled by Workwize including the sourcing and safe delivery and assembly of products.

A consistent and seamless experience for all

In line with their company’s care culture, it was vital for Studocu to provide their employees with the best onboarding experience and have them setup and ready to go on day one. Workwize allowed for a completely seamless experience for employees. All they had to do was login to the system and order the products that suits their unique situation and were align with the company’s budget parameters.

Any customer support enquiries were directed and handled by the Workwize team.

It was also very important for Studocu to provide the same experience, environment, and treatment for everyone. Therefore, one single catalogue was created for the whole workforce with all employees receiving an equal budget. For all current employees who had already purchased products, were given the same budget minus the value of products already taken from the office.

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360-overview and circularity of products

Workwize enabled a complete, centralized database of all assets. Not only can Studocu now track the exact whereabouts of every asset, but also each asset’s depreciated value. By also integrating their existing stock, they have full oversight of their stock in a single location as well as access to meaningful data. All invoices are consolidated and can be pulled monthly to streamline the financial tracking of assets.

Even aside from the fact that it s alreadycheaper to do it through Workwize, you alsohave the benefits of unburdening, and theperfect employee-experience

Marnix Broer

CEO & Co-Founder

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