What 8 Challenges HR Managers face when Equipping Remote Employees. Can you relate?

Equipping Remote Employees globally can be really challenging for a number of reasons. In our studies 8 challenges stood out. Can you relate?


Global IT equipment causing overload

Global IT overloading.


Managing multiple IT suppliers difficult

Multiple suppliers tough.


Unused IT equipment wasting space

Unused tech wastes space.


Unclear tracking leads to lost equipment

Unclear tracking loses gear.


Late IT equipment frustrates new hires

Late gear frustrates.


Cumbersome asset management causing losses

Cumbersome assets lose money.


Manual IT equipment request system inefficient

Inefficient IT requests.


Logistical challenges retrieving products

Logistical product retrieval.

So here comes the fun part. Meet Workwize!

We offer great solutions with a SaaS platform through which employees can order equipment themselves. HR managers can benefit from our all-in-one centralized, streamlined, and predictable platform & processes.

Workwize simplifies the steps in procuring and facilitating all types of equipment. Whether that’s for the office or at home, our platform ensures your employees are set up, and your assets tracked. Employees all over the world can order directly from the Workwize platform based on your specific parameters, so records are always accurate and centralized.

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Julius Weise
Director at Welcome

“Workwize made it possible to easily provide all our employees with everything they needed from day one.”

Clara Mellink-Schipper
Office Manager at Catawiki

“The moment I realized Workwize was worth it was when it was suddenly quiet. Workwize looked after all the stuff you don’t want to have to worry about.”

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