Onboarding remote employees now takes minutes – not 4 hours.

Provide, manage and secure all your employee’s home offices
in one single, simple system.

Let’s make onboarding employees stream-lined and stress-free

...As it should be.

Develop an “in-house”
remote office experience

Customize the remote office experience by branding your environment to your company standards. Personalize the catalogues to the needs of your workforce.

  1. ✅   Create a company-themed environment
  2. ✅   Provide custom catalogues and budgets per department
  3. ✅   Offer company branded products

Create an automated and flawless remote onboarding

Connect to your IT and HR systems, and automatically onboard employees who just joined the company. Create unique onboarding experiences they will never forget by sending branded welcome packages.

  1. ✅   Manage teams of any size
  2. ✅   Engage your workforce anywhere in the world
  3. ✅   Provide only fully ergonomically certified equipment

The only platform to manage all remote assets

Manage all assets bought in and outside of Workwize. Gain overview of what remote assets have been provided to your workforce.

  1. ✅   Provide only fully ergonomically certified equipment
  2. ✅   Manage IT and furniture items bought anywhere
  3. ✅   Identify your current and total remote expenditure

Because the future of work is automated.

The all-in-one platform to provide, manage and secure all your employees’ home offices with just a few clicks.

👋 Some things Finance will get excited about

Finance teams using Workwize save countless hours on managing equipment expenditures and individual budget management.

Control budgets and products per department and country

Choose from our curated catalog of work from home equipment to find the best available option for you.

A remote equipment tool that will save you hours

Provide, maintain and manage all your IT, furniture and any other remote assets bought in and outside of Workwize, all around the world.

Create ambassadors from the very first moment

Offer the remote office equipment your employees actually need, and ensure they hit the ground running.

Save time in managing and setting up new hires

Hired a new employee? Equip them in a matter of minutes with Workwize. Offboarding an employee? Ensure a smooth pickup.

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