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New Workwize Warehouse in Brazil: Teams Can Now Deploy, Manage and Retrieve IT Assets Locally

As of late 2022, 9.8% of Brazil's 96.7 million workforce, or 9.5 million people, worked remotely. Of these remote workers, 7.4 million used computers, while 2.1 million worked without computer equipment.

If a significant portion of your remote teams work in Brazil, you can now support them more efficiently with our new warehouse in Rua Alfredo Achcar. This facility allows you to:

  • Quickly deploy laptops, monitors, and other IT equipment to remote workers across Brazil

  • Manage asset inventory and track devices using our secure cloud platform

  • Easily retrieve and redeploy assets when employees leave or change roles

With Workwize's local presence, you can ensure your Brazilian remote teams have the tools they need to stay productive and connected while reducing shipping costs and customs delays. Our experienced local staff will handle all logistics, from procurement to configuration to delivery.

Equip New Hires With the Right IT Assets in Brazil Today!


What Workwize Can Do for You?

1. Onboard your employees without delays

Express global delivery of MDM-enrolled IT equipment within 5-7 days, with buying and renting options. Access 30+ categories, and let the new hires choose their equipment via a self-service portal and create custom welcome swags for them. 

2. Securely deploy and configure all devices

Track shipped assets with a track-and-trace link, update faulty, broken, or outdated equipment, ensure compliance, and sync with 15+ HIRS systems. 

3. Day-to-day management of all assets

Track global assets within a centralized dashboard—even if they have been purchased outside. Transfer assets between employees, get monthly invoices and understand the depreciated cost of equipment. Use the Slack integration to stay updated, always. 

4. Offboard your employees without a hitch

Automatic retrieval with status tracking, safe redistribution methods with certified data erasure (including cleaning, testing, and repackaging), and access to warehouse storage of offboarded equipment and/or buffer stock. 

5. Eco-friendly disposal of IT Assets

Resell IT assets at a fair market value and dispose of them via sustainable methods with destruction certificates. 

CTA - Lepaya case study

Get Started with Workwize in Brazil Today

Ready to streamline your IT asset management for remote teams in Brazil? Contact us to learn more about our new warehouse and how we can help you efficiently deploy, manage, and retrieve devices for your workforce.

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