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Stock up on IT equipment at local warehouses & other new exciting Workwize features

At Workwize, we're always looking for innovative ways to streamline the equipment onboarding and offboarding process for your team. Our mission is to make onboarding and offboarding in a global context as seamless as possible, saving you as much time in the process. Following this commitment, we're thrilled to introduce a slew of new features designed to enhance your experience. We've been talking a lot with customers, and are happy to show what's new in Workwize as a result of our customer's input:

Keep local warehouses stocked with the new order directly to a warehouse feature

You want to be sure that employees have equipment always on time, and even during IT shortages? Make sure to stock up equipment in one of our globally distributed warehouse!

With the new "Order Directly to Warehouse" feature, IT and HR managers can now stock up on essential items by ordering directly to one of our global warehouses. By doing so, you can ensure that equipment is readily available and swiftly delivered to new employees, reducing wait times and enhancing your team's ability to work.

Get better oversight of asset conditions with Asset Tags and Notes

The ability to track and manage assets efficiently is crucial for businesses, especially when dealing with a vast inventory of items distributed globally, and a lot of different actions happen around equipment in companies. Sometimes someone tells you that one of their items has broken, or has a particular type of damage on it. In another case, as user might have purchased the item from the company and as a result you don't need to retrieve it anymore from someone's home if they would leave the company.

Our new "Asset Tags and Notes" feature allows users to tag assets with labels that resonate with their business needs. Whether an item is broken, damaged, or purchased by an employee, these tags provide a comprehensive view of each asset's status. Moreover, these tags play a pivotal role during the offboarding process, giving employers a clear picture of each asset's condition and history. Also, you can add a note also to add some extra details about the item - useful!

Never miss out on crucial on- and offboarding info with the new e-mail notifications feature

Communication is the cornerstone of effective onboarding and offboarding. Recognizing the need for timely and relevant updates, we've revamped our email notification system. Employers and employees can now opt-in or opt-out of detailed onboarding and offboarding emails. Some emails you can now opt-in or op-out for as an employer:

  • More detailed statuses and emails related to an onboarding
  • More detailed statuses and emails related to an offboarding
  • A reminder email to ship equipment if a user is about to start

Whether it's an order confirmation, shipment update, or delivery status, stay informed every step of the way and never miss out on crucial information!

And some more enhancements:

  • Improved the category system to have more useful naming
  • Added a search bar to the offboarding screen
  • Added an employment start date field when onboarding users
  • When you change an employee's email in Workwize they will be notified of the change
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