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The 4 Tips to Work Successfully Hybrid

If there is one thing we have learned in recent years, it is that as a society we are definitely in need of more flexibility when it comes to our work commitments. The world is changing rapidly and we are expected to do all sorts of things on all sides. Yet before the corona period, many companies continued to cling anxiously to working from 9 to 5 in the office. And yet remote working offers plenty of opportunities, is technically feasible for most employees, and has absolutely no negative impact on productivity. Research shows that employees are more productive when they can work flexibly and at a location of their choice. So, by accommodating employees and offering these freedoms, you not only promote productivity, but also job satisfaction and a better work-life balance. But how can you as a company streamline hybrid working without losing this flexibility?

About hybrid working

We've now mentioned the term hybrid working several times, but what does it actually mean? Hybrid working is a form of work where there is no longer a single fixed workplace. Work can be done from home and from the office, but also from a flexible workplace elsewhere. By having the right resources, a fast internet connection, and a well-functioning virtual work environment, working anywhere is possible at any time. And today's society is fully equipped for this. Everywhere in the Netherlands flexible office spaces and meeting rooms are available and collaborative workplaces can be visited to meet each other. All of this is equipped with a super-fast internet connection, good accessibility, and all the conveniences for today's flexible employees.

But hybrid working is more than just flexibility in terms of working hours and workplace. It also means a different interpretation of the organization itself. Because this form of working also gives a completely different interpretation of collaboration and leadership. Hybrid work is also called the new way of working. It is undisputedly the future of work, which is why it pays for employers to invest in facilities and guidelines for hybrid working. All concerned needs to find a way to agree on working hours and days without losing sight of flexibility. After all, flexibility is one of the core values of hybrid working

Our tips for hybrid working


For hybrid working to be successful in your organization, it is important to make clear agreements with each other. Employees and employers need to know what the expectations are and how they can be met. Therefore, draw up a work-from-home policy, where possible in consultation, and put everything in place to achieve this. The work-at-home policy guides everyone. People know what is expected, regardless of the work location. In addition, it is important to keep the lines of communication open. Because hybrid working also brings about a change in company structures, good communication will be necessary at all levels of the organization. For example, it pays to promote communication among colleagues, but also to keep the lines of communication open between employees and managers.

Choose the right channels

When working hybrid, it is very tempting to have as much contact as possible through chat and emails. These means of communication are efficient and well-liked. However, they are also not very personal. Conversations via chat or email are fine for short questions, but it is essential to also see each other 'physically'. This way there is room for spontaneity and non-verbal communication. Make sure that colleagues also have a conversation with each other when it is not about work. This together prevents misunderstandings mutual alienation. So as an employer or manager, regularly schedule a video conference to allow employees to see and speak to each other. Moreover, this can be done from any location and does not get in the way of hybrid working.

Facilities for the home office

To work effectively at home, the right amenities are indispensable. A good home office is a must, and the employer can certainly help. The employer can facilitate a home office by providing the right home office supplies, offering a good desk and a good office chair, and making a home office budget available. Workwize specializes in providing all home office products and services. Through the platform, you can centralize and streamline the procurement of homeworking facilities. This saves the administration for the employer and employees can purchase the necessary products and services themselves on the platform. This way, employees always have the right gear, no matter where they start working.

Planning software

Good planning software is indispensable to record agreements and to make it clear to everyone who is working at which location. Planbizz is a platform that helps organizations to find and implement good planning software. Planning software makes it possible to plan easier and more efficiently. This not only saves time and money, but it also provides interesting insights into the processes within an organization.


The hybrid working model stands or falls with good communication and planning. This seems like a contradiction: hybrid working is all about flexibility, right? That is certainly true, but this flexibility will have to be streamlined to optimize the situation for all parties. With the right agreements, good communication, and the right tools, hybrid working has a future in every organization.

About the authors

This blog is part of a series of collaborative blogs between Workwize and Planbizz. Workwize is the platform that allows you to effectively facilitate working from home. Planbizz offers expert assistance in the selection and implementation of Workforce Planning software.

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