Time for a “Workation”? The Best ‘Workation’ Destinations for 2022

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Whether you work hybrid or fully remote employees can now work from anywhere – and we mean anywhere...


The world has collectively embraced flexible working, which has completely revolutionized the meaning of “work-life balance.” Many organizations are recognizing the various added benefits hybrid and fully remote work brings - to not just their businesses but the productivity levels for employees. Particularly given the current state of “the war of talent,” it’s also cheaper for companies to retain happier employees.

And what makes employees happy? The freedom to choose when and where they work. According to Slack’s Future Forum study from January 2022, 93% of the 10,000+ knowledge workers surveyed globally say they want the freedom to decide where and when they do their job. So, why work from the home office when you can join your Zoom call from the beaches of the Greek islands or the mountains of Estonia?

The rise of the ‘Workation’

The pandemic has created an abundance of new definitions now common terms in the English language. For those seeking “bleisure” or a “digital nomadic” experience, are typically looking for some form of “workation.” And the tourism industry has caught up with the trend.

The hotel business has been significantly impacted by the pandemic the last 24 months and many are realizing the monetary value of full-time workers seeking an office away from home. This has resulted in a wealth of workation packages around the world, which are special offers specifically designed for all types of remote workers. Whether you’re freelancing, “workationing” with your family, or wanting an off-site for your entire work team, there are packages for everyone, ranging from a few days to several months.

Most offers include a comfortable work environment (some private, some co-working), high-speed internet, child-care services and the technical equipment required to do your job. But then you have all the added “luxury” perks of a holiday. Instead of a coffee break, why not have a 15-minute neck massage? Or as part of your lunch, have a dip in the pool? Better yet, set up your working space by the seaside and at the end of the working day, visit the local restaurants. 

Once only a perk exclusive to free-lancers, all types of hybrid and fully remote workers are catching on. A recent study by language app, Babbel reported that 56% of respondents are planning a workation in 2022. For some, this means an extended holiday in which they attach a few days of work on either end. It's basically a win-win-win on all accounts.

Therefore, we have collated a list of some of the top destinations and packages to quench your travel (and workation) thirst...

1. Soak up the sun with laptop in hand in Portugal or Spain

UK hotel group, TUI Blue has introduced “Work+Vacation” packages at some of their best locations including Fallesia in the Algarve and Rocador in Mallorca. According to their website this package includes the “best-equipped hotel rooms, which provide a quiet working environment with fast internet, comfortable office furniture and technical equipment that guarantees smooth and concentrated work. In addition, there are all the amenities of the first-class TUI BLUE hotels: fantastic locations by the waterside or in the mountains, excellent cuisine, pool, spa, gymnasium, and childcare.”

Learn more about their packages here.

2. Work from Rome – not home

One of the top destinations on “workationer’s” lists is unsurprisingly Italy. Appropriately named travel group, Workation, have created incredibly appealing packages for the remote worker. They have four just in Rome alone depending on your desired vibe. Their packages include everything a remote worker needs to “maximize their experience and accelerate their productivity.”

Packages include such necessities as high-speed internet, airport transfers, local SIM cards and even Local Hero Support. They also offer upgrades such as food tours, co-working passes, and gym memberships.

Learn more about Workation here.

3. Go full “digital nomad” in picturesque Bali

One of the most famous destinations for “digital nomads," Bali offers a wealth of workation options ranging from your own creative villa for a few days up to 6-month long hotel packages. There are also plenty of co-working places to choose from around the island such as Hubud and Outpost in Ubud.

One ideal workation hotel is Peppers Seminyak. According to their website the resort features Connect@Peppersseminyak, a state-of-the-art co-working space offering an ideal workation experience and a comfortable work environment for productive remote work. After completing your work for the day, you can enjoy the resort's amazing facilities, including the spa, the gym, and the fine-dining restaurant. 

Learn more about their packages here.


4. Aruba –your new office in paradise

Explore Aruba’s “One Happy Workation” packages that range from one week up to 90 days. Enjoy a Caribbean getaway whilst completing your everyday work tasks in one of the world’s sunniest vacation destinations. From tours and activities to a wide variety of beachfront restaurants and bars, you will have several options to choose from while working or after work. 

Learn more about the packages here.


5. A “workation retreat” for the whole team in Germany

For those looking to swap the busy city-life for the quietness of nature or for a relaxed location to brainstorm with the whole team, Coconat offers the perfect setup. Ideal for small to medium-sized teams, the co-working space with an integrated co-living concept is located in Brandenburg, not far from Berlin. It offers the right mix between productive work and casual relaxation. Various team and meeting rooms, the art trail, the Bad Belzig thermal baths and the first tree house office offer everything for a good work-life balance. For accommodation, there are about 20 spacious and well-equipped rooms available for visitors.  

Learn more about Coconat here.

6. Centre yourself in Central America

Love the idea of a workation but find planning and booking all the various components a little overwhelming? Luckily, booking platform. RemoteDream, looks after everything for you. Their mission speaks for itself, which is ‘to make working while travelling effortless and enjoyable for everyone.”

Their website is full of dream destinations that are all especially hand-picked for workationers. Not only do they range in destination and style, but they also have options for the frugal and sustainable traveller. Take a look at Selina Hotel Jaco, Selina Nosara in Costa Rica, or Selina Playa Venao in Panama.

Not only will you have a quiet place to work during the day, but you also have access to such features as fully equipped communal kitchens, beachfront restaurants and yoga decks, surf lessons and outdoor pools.

Sounds like a good time to round up your remote worker friends…

Learn more about RemoteDream here.

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